This morning brought my last snow in Nashville and it is gorgeous. This was to be my last day at work, but the weather had other plans. Cozied up on the couch, it is rare to have a moment of quiet to myself. Watching the heavy, fat flakes fall to the ground, I want to cry…I don’t want to leave. I love our home – our city, our house, my job, our community. I don’t want to move and start over. Like the mature woman that I am, I whine in rebellion only to be met with the most gentle of whispers.

Alex, do you believe that I know you?

Do you believe that I know how to meet and bring about the desires of your heart?

Do you believe that the best is yet to come? That I reward those who earnestly seek Me? That I have good plans for you? That I will provide all you need?

Alex, do you believe that I love you?

Trust Me.

Follow Me.


Okay because You are God and you are right – as always. Okay because nearly five years ago we had a very similar conversation that brought me to this city and You have done far more in my life than I could have imagined. Okay because life without You is no life at all; You have made our lives so great here. Okay because You are enough.

Big enough to offer more in this next season, more than we deserve or can dream. Strong enough to empower us to walk and follow You. Gracious enough to open up this door and call us as you have. Faithful enough to equip us and provide for us at every step. Loving enough to refuse to allow us to become stagnant, to become complacent, to begin to think that we had anything to do with the blessings You have given us. Wise enough to know how to answer prayers and questions and dreams we did not even know to voice.

Thank You for Your faithfulness to me, even in my faithlessness and protestation. Thank You for the reminder that even in winter, even in the cold, hardness of a dying season, there is tremendous beauty of the most delicate and unique nature. Thank you for designing winter to give way to the beauty of the birth of spring –a new life, a new season, a new hope, a new promise of adventure with You.



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