I decided to branch out a bit and take Jeff Goins up on his “7 Day Blogging Challenge.” The first challenge of the week: writing a manifesto.

For as long as I can remember, I have loved to write. Friends used to receive annual birthday poems from me because I was too broke to give gifts in middle and high school. Even when I had money they would still request a birthday poem. Journal after journal, full of emotional teenage monologues and humorous scenes of social awkwardness are in boxes somewhere in my parents’ attic, just waiting to be discovered and used for blackmail. I never dreamed of writing for others outside of school assignments until an English assignment to start a blog my freshmen year of college morphed into something I find quite beautiful today– a collection of altars. Metaphorical stone monuments that I can look back and remember God’s faithfulness; His personal faithfulness to me.

I write because I believe in the power of story. I believe that the Living God, as the Author of Life, continues to write my story and the stories of those around me to reveal the beauty, depth, and sufficiency of the Gospel. I write not because I think I am an expert, or someone worthy of fame or attention, but because I am an ordinary woman with an extraordinary Savior who daily invites me to adventure with Him. I write because we need authenticity in the world of staged reality TV shows and filtered social media.

Steven Furtick once defined comparison as observing everyone else’s composed highlight reel and holding it up to your own bloopers and behind the scene shots. I have spent years of my life as an anxiety-ridden perfectionist, viewing the highlight reels of those around me and rejoicing for their successes while harboring a twinge of jealousy or fear of lack. Marriage and motherhood have been eye opening to say the least. I realize daily just how little I have myself together and I think it is vital that we talk about those moments. Not to glory in our shortcomings and failures, but to find the humor, to rest from striving, and to revel in the glory of a gracious Heavenly Father. I have realized that chronicling my story, sharing the lessons the Holy Spirit has been inscribing on my heart, and detailing those real life moments in their unfiltered exquisiteness has lead me, and hopefully others, to a place of greater freedom and deeper worship of God Himself.

Friend, you reflect the image of God in a way that no one else ever has nor ever will. Your story matters. It matters because without it, the world misses out on a facet of the Living God that we desperately need to witness. Every moment of your life has been anointed with divine purpose and destiny, and nothing, no season, success, or shortcoming, is ever wasted. Perhaps writing isn’t your thing, but you do have a thing. Explore it. Embrace it. Share it with the world.

There is always an open seat for you at the table at the Father’s table.



2 thoughts on “A Manifesto to Embrace the Beauty & the Power of Your Exquisite Story

  1. Love your manifesto! Love your heart. I joined Jeff’s challenge too…am about to write mine 🙂 I decided to click on a few people’s links and landed here. So glad I did. I look forward to reading more from you…


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