Letters to Little: History


My sweet Little,

As I have been reading through Genesis, I have realized more and more the valuable role that history can play in our present day if we allow it a place on the stage. With that being said, I think there is a lot we can learn from a man named Abram.

Before God changed Abram’s name to Abraham, He calls Abram up from his homeland to pursue a new land of promise in Genesis 12. This land was commonly known as the land of Canaan. God later makes a covenant with Abram in Genesis 15. God begins the conversation in a beautiful way as He reminds Abram that the Living God is His shield and commands him not to fear. We then see God promise Abram a biological son and descendants that outnumber the stars in the universe. We also see Abram take God at His word and God credit Abram’s faith as righteousness. Things are sounding awesome. Then God pauses to reiterate His previous promise (seen in Genesis 13:17):

And He said to him, ‘I am the LORD who brought you out from Ur of the Chaldeans to give you this land to possess.’” – Genesis 15:7 ESV

I want to dissect this because I think this statement is really important:

  1. “I am the LORD who brought you out…”
  2. During one of his sermons, Steven Furtick said, “When I start to feel hysterical, I need to get historical.” Here we see God taking a time out to remind Abram of His past faithfulness. Who brought Abram out of the land of Ur? God did. Who brought Abram to this land of promise? God did. Who initiated this whole covenant relationship? God did.  God’s faithfulness to Abram in the past establishes a solid foundation for Abram to stand on as he believes God’s promises for his future.
  3. “from Ur of the Chaldeans…”
  4. Terah, Abram’s father, started this journey to the land of Canaan when Abram was much younger. Abram had probably heard about Canaan growing up.  For some reason, Terah stopped short of reaching Canaan and settled in the land of Ur. Why does this matter? Because God is reminding Abram that He has taken him out of the place of settling. God is breaking that generational cycle of settling, of quitting, and calling Abram up as a man of completion and of promise.
  5. “to give you this land to possess.”
  6. God reminds Abram that His actions, His call of Abram, is purposed, intentional, and for Abram’s best. It is not a flippant whim. God is not doing it because He is bored. He did not call Abram out of Ur without a plan for where He was going to bring him.

Now with the reminder of God’s faithfulness within his own story in the forefront of his mind, Abram goes on in the logistics of making the covenant with God. As he finishes those tasks, Scripture says, “a deep sleep fell on Abram. And behold, dreadful and great darkness fell upon him. Then the Lord said to Abram, ‘Know for certain that your offspring will be sojourners in a land that is not theirs and will be servants there, and they will be afflicted for four hundred years.’ (Genesis 15:12-13ESV)”

Thankfully, the Lord does not leave Abram in that place of darkness with such a dooming message. He goes on to tell Abram the end of the story, which is full of redemption and victory, but what about those moments in between the deep sleep and the spoiled ending? Why do we not see Abram freaking out in that dreadful state of being? Maybe he did not need to get hysterical because he had already gone historical. Maybe he did not need to give way to fear because he took God at His word and believed that the Living God was his shield. Maybe the same is true for us.

In moments of great promise, where the Enemy feels the most threatened, fear and dread seem to crouch at the door of our minds. God knew this so He spoke truth over Abram preemptively. He reminded Abram of who He was, of His faithfulness, and of His future victory. He speaks it over us as well.

Like Abram, we can move forward in pursuing the promises God has given us even in the midst of forecasted affliction. Jesus promised us troubles in John 16:33, but He also reminded us of the end of the story…He wins.

My sweet and daring little, you have everything you need to run after the promise and the calling God has placed on your life. Like Abram, you are anointed and destined for divinely inspired things! My prayer for you as you grow is that you would remember these three things:

  1. God is your shield; you need not fear.
  2. God’s past faithfulness in your life is a solid foundation of present and future trust in Him.
  3. The end of the story is set; in Christ we have won the victory.

All my love,



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